My Day with Vogue and Simon

 I was recently invited to spend the day with Vogue and Simon at the Woodbury Common outlets. It was my first time visiting the shopping destination, and let's just say it definitely won't be my last.

Like most girls I happen to love shopping and I have a serious weakness for clothes and accessories (honestly I love everything jewelry, shoes, hats, ... I could go on). I found so many amazing pieces, but I promised myself I wouldn't go crazy and buy everything, which was tough, not gonna lie. Every designer store imaginable was there and with NEW merchandise, I didn't feel like I was outlet shopping, I felt like I was at home on rodeo drive, but at 50% off. #MajorKey 

After our shopping excursion we dined at BlueStoneHill, a storybook 'Farm-to-Table' restaurant which happens to be the most charming restaurant I've been to on the East Coast,  More pics of our 3 course dinner below. 

We drank Champagne and looked cute

I scored BIG TIME with these Dior boots circa designer RAF SIMONS

Then I made even more friends!

Gaia's perfectly decorated hand

Course 1

Course 2

and of course ... DESSERT

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