Bianca Weiser Espada is an American television personality, lifestyle blogger and star of the reality series Rich Kids of Beverly Hills #RKOBH on the E! Network. There's no denying this fashionista has a passion for cultural cuisine and the pursuit of adventure. Her vivacious and candid personality is credited to her Mexican heritage and sets the stage for some serious jaw-dropping entertainment. Just don't associate her with any of the typical Beverly Hills stigmas: designer labels, glam and a 90210 zip code can't stop her from keeping it as real as it can get. Her monotonous 'LA born & bred' lifestyle sparked an interest in globetrotting, making her a self-proclaimed 'Travel Junkie'. Her recent love interest is New York City - but there's no knowing what she'll be up to next.  Watch her debut on this season of #RKOBH and follow Bianca as she paves her own path from Rodeo Drive to the Big Apple. Bon voyage!