Girls Night

Every week my girlfriends and I have a "Girls Night". We choose a fun new restaurant, the harder the reservation the more we'll probably want to go.  Right now our go to Thursday night spot in NY is Vandal. This hot-spot is located in the East Side on Bowery and happens to be super sceney (which we love). As you walk in, you enter a flower shop and kinda think you missed the entrance - don't worry, this is meant to be. As you walk through the flower shop you'll notice another door, once you enter that door you've made it into the restaurant. My friends and I are kind of picky, so we always prefer to be seated in the main room towards the back (totally optional but great for people watching). What I love most about Vandal is they are super open to special food requests. For example, one of my friends happens to be gluten free (shocker) and the waiter brought us an entire gluten free menu (so accommodating!). The food is a fusion between Asian and Latin "street food"...AKA fancy street food. My favorite item on the menu would have to be the 'Balinese beach style branzino' - 5 stars. 

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