Nars PowerMatte Lips


An ultra-matte, super-rich lipstick with the supple feel of a hydrating lip treatment... YES PLEASE! The perfect matte lip is literally all I've ever wanted. My favorite one so far is the NARS Pure Matte Lipstick. The product comes packaged in a new, soft-touch slim black cube (tres chic). This matte lipstick moisturizes and soothes lips while depositing vivid, dramatic color it also contains mango butter for extra moisture. my personal favorite colors are called "GET IT ON"  and "SLOW RIDE" for me  "GET IT ON" it's the perfect nudeish pinkish browish, and then "SLOW RIDE" is more pinkish brownish with a little coral in it as well... I know you get it.

What I really love about this product is that the colors are build-able, and for those of you that don't like a super intense lip you can just lightly dab it for your desired stain. In terms of longevity, the staying power is great, no smudging and leaves your lips looking completely even. It also doesn't transfer … so no need to stop drinking...ever.

TIPS: Before I apply any matte lipstick I try to exfoliate my lips to get a smooth finish.         

Choose a lip color close to your natural skin tone, or pair a darker lip color with simple eye makeup.                                                                       

For full, hard-to-miss lips, go with a fun color spruced up with a dab of gloss or shimmer applied in the middle. Use lip liner to fill the shape of your lips, but make sure you blend out any obvious edges. Avoid over-applying your lipstick; if you build too much it actually wears off quicker.


Nars PowerMatte Lip in GET IT ON